Foto: Andreas Reeg,, +49 171 544 92 47,
Foto: Andreas Reeg,, +49 171 544 92 47,

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Metabolic Derangements in Cancer

Cancer is marked by dysregulation of the signaling pathways that orchestrate proliferation, cell death, tumor-promoting inflammation, and bioenergetic pathways. Our studies focus on elucidating the host and tumor energy metabolism in pancreatic and intestinal cancer, delineating the critical alterations that take place during disease and therapy, and targeting the metabolic vulnerability of tumor cells genetically or pharmacologically in relevant preclinical models using; mouse and 3D organoids, which may have a diagnostic value and can impact therapy response.


Imaging in Cancer

Late-stage presentation, inaccessible diagnosis, and resistance to therapy represent the most common causes of increased mortality in cancer patients. Our studies aim at identifying reliable biomarkers for early detection, developing approaches that target defined changes during specific stages of tumor development, progression, and therapy for bioimaging using MRI-detectable smart probes.


Diet, Microbiome, Circadian clock & Cancer

Human gut is inhabited by billions of bacteria contributing majorly to the regulation of metabolic functions and immune homeostasis. Dynamics of microbial community is critical since microbiota composition and functional profiles shape susceptibility to cancer and response to therapy. Nutrition can directly or indirectly modulate microbiome and play a decisive role in disease outcome. Our studies aim at unravelling the impact of dietary intake on microbiota structure and function during cancer and therapy. We elucidate whether precision nutrition can pave the way for individual-based interventions in cancer by regulating microbiome.