Foto: Andreas Reeg,, +49 171 544 92 47,
Foto: Andreas Reeg,, +49 171 544 92 47,

Asude Callak-Kirisozu

I was born in Izmir (Turkey) and got my university degree from Middle East Technical University. I also finished my Master`s in Science degree in the same University Biotechnology Department, which was about molecular characterization of Blumeria graminis f. sp. Hordei using AFLP markers. I worked in a private company, which is specialized in rare molecular genetic diseases and cancer as a molecular biologist and bio-analyst, but sequencing and analyzing the mutations was not enough for me and I could not stop thinking about the reasons behind those mutations. So here I am! I am so happy to be a part of Arkan group. I am studying microbiome and glycans as potential diagnostic and prognostic markers for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma, and Microbiome profile changes in patients with GI cancers. In my spare times I go on experimenting in my kitchen or have long walks.

Anna Zinoveva

I am Anna from a small but lovely town Kanash (Russia). I studied for a Master’s degree in Biotechnology in Saint Petersburg Technical University (Russia) and I worked on my Master’s Thesis in the lab of Seamus Martin on the apoptotic and inflammatory signaling pathways in cancer cells. My curiosity for the cutting-edge topic of the gut microbiome and diet in cancer has led me to the research group of Dr. Canan Arkan. There I could start working with mouse models and study how gut works, how bugs and metabolism keep human individuals healthy and happy, or on the contrary, are connected to diseases. Also colleagues call me a bioinformatics freak, because I love to learn how to analyze data and express it in a fancy way. Beside science I love travelling and photography and still dream to become a star in a movie, where I would play a smart scientist.

Angeles Macias Pardo

Hola, this is Angeles from Gran Canaria, Spain but living abroad for so many years already. I started my adventure at Coventry University where I got my BSc in Biology, after that I moved to Germany and - coincidence of life - GSH was the first place where I started to work in the lab of Dr. Manuel Grez´ group. My deep knowledge working as a Lab Research Assistant was acquired at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research at Dr. Gilles Laurent´s group where molecular biology and cell culture techniques together with working with turtles and lizards was my focus. Now I am here again being part of GSH and having the opportunity to get further in my career and working with in vitro tool systems to model host-microbiome interaction. As I am coming from an Island, I love to spend my time outside with friends and meeting people from different countries.