Foto: Andreas Reeg,, +49 171 544 92 47,
Foto: Andreas Reeg,, +49 171 544 92 47,

Gautami Gaidhani

Gautami completed BSc (Blended) in Bioscience, a special degree granted by Savitribai Phule Pune University (India) and designed by University of Melbourne (Australia). Later during the training at IISER Pune (India), she studied the role of Api5 protein in breast carcinogenesis and explored her joint interest in molecular and cancer biology. In 2023, she was awarded with Master of Molecular Biology degree from The University of Queensland (Australia) and her master’s thesis focused on molecular profiling of mixed ductal-lobular carcinoma- a rare subtype of breast cancer. In her current PhD project, she is investigating the complex tumor microenvironment to trace efficacy of conventional chemotherapies and vasculature targeting agents in breast cancer with multi-omics approach. Gautami joined the laboratory in February 2024.

Leoni Moldaner

Leoni received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Technical University of Darmstadt, where she investigated immunogenicity of cell death at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research for her thesis. In her Master thesis in the group of Dr. Tatarova, she explored histopathology staining methods and bioinformatic tools to study resistance mechanisms in the breast cancer tumor microenvironment. After receiving her Master degree, Leoni continues with her project as PhD student in the lab with a DKTK CORTEX fellowship aiming to develop an analytical platform to predict immunotherapy response and resistance in breast cancer patients. Leoni joined the laboratory in September 2023.

Felix Nowotka

Felix graduated from Goethe University Frankfurt (Main) with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. In the group of Stefan Knapp at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, his thesis focused on the purification and binding analysis of the human protein kinases p21-activated kinases in order to find potential inhibitors of these target proteins within a realistic cellular environment. Driven by his interest in the understanding of human cancer pathogenesis and development of therapy concepts, he joined Zuzana Tatarova's group in May 2024. Felix aims to broaden his knowledge and skills by use and development of state-of-the-art spatial single cell profiling in broad range of tumor types.

Juraj Jakubik

Juraj earned his Bachelor and Master's degree in mechanical engineering from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. His graduate work focused on the environmental impact of end-of-life vehicles, leading to the development of a patented modular recycling system. He subsequently worked in renewable energy, recycling systems design, and wood product automation. Inspired by a passion for engineering, Juraj transitioned his focus to microengineering and computational biology. In the Tatarova laboratory, Juraj is developing image analysis pipelines and bioinformatic tools to study drug effects in complex tumor tissues from mice and cancer patients. He joined the laboratory in September 2023.

Yishu Xu

Yishu completed her Bachelor's degree in Biology at Beijing Normal University and pursued a Master's program in Immunology at the University of Zurich. During her Master's thesis, she delved into cancer immunology. Following an internship in biomedical engineering at ETH Zurich, she joined the Tatarova lab as a PhD student in February 2024, where her research centers on cancer stem cells and investigating the role of innate and adaptive immunity in breast cancer therapy resistance.