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Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg, Tel: +40-171-5449247,,
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg, Tel: +40-171-5449247,,
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg, Tel: +40-171-5449247,,
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg, Tel: +40-171-5449247,,
  • Selected Publications

    Karantanou C, Minciacchi VR, Kumar R, Zanetti C, Bravo J, Pereira RS, Tascher G, Tertel T, Covvarubias-Pinto A, Bankov K, Pfeffermann L-M, Bonig H, Divieti-Pajevic P, McEwan DG, , Giebel B, Münch C, Dikic I, Krause DS
    Impact of mesenchymal stromal cell-derived exosomal cargo on B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia progression
    Blood Adv. 2022 Aug 31:bloodadvances.2022007528. doi: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2022007528. Online ahead of print

    Kumar R, Pereira RS, Niemann J, Azimpour AI, Zanetti C, Karantanou C, Minka W, Minciacchi VR, Kowarz E, Meister M, Godavarthy PS, Maguer-Satta V, Lefort S, Wiercinska E, Bonig H, Marschalek R, Krause DS
    The differential role of the lipid raft-associated protein flotillin 2 for progression of myeloid leukemia
    Blood Adv. 2022 Jun 28;6(12):3611-3624.

    Zanetti C, Kumar R, Ender J, Godavarthy PS, Hartmann M, Hey J, Breuer K, Weissenberger ES, Minciacchi V, Karantanou C, Gu Z, Roberts KG, Metzler M, Stock W, Mullighan CG, Bloomfield CD, Filmann N, Bankov K, Hartmann S, Hasserjian RP, Cousins A, Halsey C, Plass C, Lipka DB, Krause DS
    The age of the bone marrow microenvironment influences B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia progression via CXCR5-CXCL3
    Blood. 2021;138(19):1870-1884

    Gubas A*, Karantanou C*, Popovic D, Tascher G, Hoffmann ME, Dawe N, Dikic I, Krause DS, McEwan DG. The endolysosomal adaptor PLEKHM1 is a direct target for both mTOR and MAPK pathways.
    FEBS Lett. 2021 Apr;595(7):864-880.

    Kumar R, Pereira R, Zanetti C, Minciacchi VR, Merten M, Meister M, Niemann J, Dietz MS, Rüssel N, Schnütgen F, Tamai M, Akahane K, Inukai T, Oellerich T, Kvasnicka HM, Pfeifer H, Nicolini FE, Heilemann M, Van Etten RA, Krause DS. Specific, targetable interactions with the microenvironment influence imatinib-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia
    Leukemia. 2020, 34(8):2087-2101

    Verma D*, Zanetti C*, Godavarthy PS*, Kumar R, Minciacchi VR, Pfeiffer J, Metzler M, Lefort S, Maguer-Satta V, Nicolini FE, Burroni B, Fontenay M, Krause DS
    Bone marrow niche-derived extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes influence the progression of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    Leukemia. 2020 Jun;34(6):1540-1552.

    Godavarthy PS, Kumar R, Herkt SC, Pereira RS, Hayduk N, Weissenberger ES, Aggoune D, Manavski Y, Lucas T, Pan K-T, Voutsinas JM, Wu Q, Müller MC, Saussele S, Oellerich T, Oehler VG, Lausen J, Krause DS
    The vascular bone marrow niche influences outcome in chronic myeloid leukemia via the E-selectin – SCL/TAL1 – CD44 axis
    Haematologica. 2020 Jan;105(1):136-147

    Hoang VT+, Verma D+, Godavarthy PS, Llavona P, Steiner M, Gerlach K, Michels BE, Bohnenberger H, Wachter A, Oellerich T, Müller-Kuller U, Weissenberger E, Voutsinas JM, Oehler VG, Farin HF, Zörnig M*, Krause DS*. *shared last co-authourship
    The transcriptional regulator FUBP1 influences disease outcome in murine and human myeloid leukemia
    Leukemia, 2019 Jul;33(7):1700-1712

    Verma D, Kumar R, Pereira RS, Karantanou C, Zanetti C, Minciacchi VR, Fulzele K, Kunst K, Hoelper S, Zia-Chahabi S, Jabagi M-J, Emmerich J, Dray-Spira R, Kuhlee F, Hackmann K, Schroeck E, Wenzel P, Müller S, Filmann N, Fontenay M, Divieti-Pajevic P, Krause DS
    Vitamin K-antagonism impairs the bone marrow microenvironment and hematopoiesis
    Blood. 2019, 134(3):227-238

    Naka K, Ishihara K, Jomen Y, Jin CH, Kim DH, Gu YK, Jeong ES, Li S, Krause DS, Kim DW, Bae E, Takihara Y, Hirao A, Oshima H, Oshima M, Ooshima A, Sheen YY, Kim SJ, Kim DK.
    Novel oral transforming growth factor-β signaling inhibitor EW-7197 eradicates CML-initiating cells.
    Cancer Sci. 2016 Feb;107(2):140-8. doi: 10.1111/cas.12849. Epub 2016 Jan 26.

    Rabenhorst U, Thalheimer F, Gerlach K, Kijonka M, Böhm S, Krause DS, Vauti F, Arnold HH, Schroeder T, Schnütgen F, von Melchner H, Rieger M, Zörnig M
    Single-stranded DNA-binding transcriptional regulator FUBP1 is essential for fetal and adult hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal
    Cell Rep. 2015 Jun 30;11(12):1847-55.

    Publications – Reviews, editorials, letters to the editor:
    Krause DS, Dikic I
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis hijacks ubiquitin to inhibit pyroptosis
    Mol Cell, 2022 Dec 15;82(24):4588-4590

    Kumar R, Krause DS
    Recent advances in understanding chronic myeloid leukemia – where do we stand?
    Faculty Reviews. 2021, 10(35)

    Méndez-Ferrer S, Bonnet D, Steensma DP, Hasserjian RP, Ghobrial IM, Gribben JG, Andreeff M, Krause DS
    Bone marrow niches in haematological malignancies.
    Nat Rev Cancer, 2020, May;20(5):285-298.

    Zanetti C, Krause DS
    “Caught in the net” – the extracellular matrix of the bone marrow in normal haematopoiesis and leukaemia
    Exp Hematol. 2020 Sep;89:13-25

    Kumar R*, Minciacchi VR*, Krause DS
    Chronic myeloid leukemia – a model disease of the past, presence and future
    Cells. 2021 Jan 10;10(1):117. doi: 10.3390/cells10010117.

    Krause DS, Divieti-Pajevic P
    Osteocyte Regulation of Bone and Blood
    Bone. 2019 Feb;119:13-18

    Kumar R, Godavarthy PS, Krause DS
    The bone marrow microenvironment in health and disease at a glance
    J Cell Sci. 2018 Feb 22;131(4). pii: jcs201707

    Karantanou C, Godavarthy PS, Krause DS
    Targeting the bone marrow microenvironment in acute leukaemia
    Leuk Lymphoma. 2018 Feb 12:1-11

    Krause DS, Scadden DT
    A hostel for the hostile: The stem cell niche in haematological neoplasms
    Haematologica 2015;100(11):1376-87

    Krause DS
    Illness and artistic creativity (on the 70th anniversary of the death of Béla Bartók, composer, ethnomusicologist and leukemia patient).
    Leukemia 2015;29(12):2417-8

    Masia R, Krause DS, Yellen G.
    The inward rectifier potassium channel Kir2.1 is expressed in mouse neutrophils from bone marrow and liver.
    Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2015 Feb 1;308(3):C264-76.

    Wheat JC*, Krause DS*, Shin TH*, Chen X, Wang J, Ding D, Yasmin R, Sweetser DA.
    The corepressor Tle4 is a novel regulator of murine hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and their niche.
    PLoS One. 2014 Aug 25;9(8):e105557. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0105557. eCollection 2014.

    Krause DS, Lazarides K, Lewis JB, von Andrian UH, Van Etten RA.
    Selectins and their ligands are required for homing and engraftment of BCR-ABL1+ leukemic stem cells in the bone marrow niche
    Blood 2014; 123(9): 1361-1371

    Krause DS, Fulzele K, Catic A, Sun CC, Dombkowski D, Hurley MP, Lezeau S, Attar E, Wu JY, Lin HY, Divieti-Pajevic P, Hasserjian RP, Schipani E, Van Etten RA, Scadden DT
    Differential regulation of myeloid leukemias by the bone marrow microenvironment
    Nature Medicine 2013; 19(11):1513-1517* *Faculty of 1000 Prime status

    Fulzele K*, Krause DS*, Panaroni C, Saini V, Barry KJ, Lotinun S, Baron R, Bonewald L, Feng JQ, Chen M, Weinstein LS, Wu JY, Kronenberg HM, Scadden DT, Divieti-Pajevic P
    Myelopoiesis is regulated by osteocytes through Gsa-dependent signaling
    Blood 2013 Feb 7;121(6):930-9.

    Demers M, Krause DS, Schatzberg D, Martinod K, Voorhees J, Fuchs TA, Scadden DT, Wagner DD
    Cancer predisposes neutrophils to release extracellular DNA traps that contribute to cancer-associated thrombosis
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012; 109(32):13076

    Krause DS, Spitzer TR, Stowell CP
    The concentration of CD44 is increased in hematopoietic stem cell grafts of patients with acute myeloid leukemia, plasma cell myeloma, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Arch Pathol Lab Med 2010; 134(7): 1033-8

    Krause DS, Lazarides K, von Andrian UH, Van Etten RA.
    Requirement for CD44 in homing and engraftment of BCR-ABL-expressing leukemic stem cells
    Nat Med 2006; 12 (10):1175-80

    Krause DS, Van Etten RA.
    Adoptive Immunotherapy of Bcr/Abl-induced chronic myeloid leukemia-like myeloproliferative disease in a murine model.
    Blood 2004; 104: 4236-4244.

    Roumiantsev S*, Krause DS*, Neumann CA, Dimitri CA, Asiedu F, Cross NCP, Van Etten RA.
    Distinct stem cell myeloproliferative /T-lymphoma syndromes induced by ZNF198-FGFR1 and BCR-FGFR1 fusion genes from 8p11 translocations
    Cancer Cell 2004;5:287-298

    Publications – Book chapters:

    Weissenberger ES, Krause DS
    Histological and In Vivo Microscopic Analysis of the Bone Marrow Microenvironment in a Murine Model of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
    Methods Mol Biol. 2016;1465:59-72

    Krause DS, DeLelys ME, Preffer FI
    Flow Cytometry for Hematopoietic Cells
    Methods Mol Biol 2014; 1109:23-46

    Verma D, Krause DS
    Targeting the bone marrow niche in haematological malignancies
    Advances in Stem Cells and Their Niches volume 1, in press