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Beug Foundation Research Award for Dr. Sevenich on metastasis research

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gsh-l.sevenichThis year’s 2019 Beug Foundation Metastasis Research Award goes to Dr. Lisa Sevenich for her efforts in studying T-cell responses in brain metastases.

“I am very honored by this award. The grant from the Beug Foundation will allow us to study new types of aspects of the complex interactions between tumor cells and immune cells in the immunologically unique tissue environment of the brain,” said Dr. Lisa Sevenich.

Dr. Lisa Sevenich has been leading a Max Eder junior research group at Georg-Speyer-Haus since August 2015. The research group focuses on elucidating the role of the tumor microenvironment in brain metastases. A major focus in this context is on exploring the biological mechanisms that allow tumor cells to inhibit the body’s own defense mechanisms or even to convert them into tumor-promoting functions. Therefore, the main focus is on the development of new therapeutic approaches that enable the targeted killing of brain metastasizing tumor cells by reactivating the body’s own immune response.

The Beug Foundation has been awarding a research prize every two years since 2013, specifically supporting young scientists in their research into the biological basis of metastasis. The funding is intended to help advance innovative and original efforts in the field of metastasis research. The award ceremony took place during the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) conference Seed and Soil: Mechanisms of Metastasis in Berlin this year.

An overview of selected publications by Dr. Lisa Sevenich can be found here.

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