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Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg,

Research grant for Ewelina Czlonka

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Ewelina Czlonka receives the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation research grant for her doctoral thesis

| The José Carreras Leukemia Foundation is once again funding young scientists who are developing innovative and promising research to treat leukemia and related blood disorders. One of the research grants is awarded to our young scientist Ewelina Czlonka with the research topic Combining CRISPR/Cas9 screening and PDX models to probe the role of niche factors in human myelodysplastic syndromes. In her work, Ewelina focuses on the functional analysis of factors generated by cells of the bone marrow niche. Her research involves investigating the effects of these factors on myelodysplastic syndrome.

“I am very honored to receive this prestigious grant to advance our understanding of the role of the tumor microenvironment in MDS, which will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing fight against leukemia,” says Ewelina.

Dr. Gabriele Kröner, Executive Director of the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation, said: “Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation has already been able to award 146 national and international research grants with a total amount of almost 12 million Euros. The research grants are intended to honor the outstanding achievements of young scientists and to provide further impetus for innovation. We hope that new and young approaches will bring us closer to the vision formulated by José Carreras: Leukemia must become curable. Always and for everyone.”


About José Carreras Leukemia Foundation

In 1987, José Carreras fell ill with leukemia. Out of gratitude for his own cure, he founded the non-profit German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation e. V. in 1995 and subsequently the associated foundation. Since then, more than 1,200 projects have been financed with the aim of building research and treatment facilities, researching leukemia and its cure, and supporting the work of self-help groups and parents’ initiatives. The German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation e. V. bears the DZI Donation Seal, the seal of quality in the German donation system. For more information, please visit the website


About the Georg-Speyer-Haus
The Georg-Speyer-Haus, Institute for Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapy, aims to decipher the molecular and cellular basis of tumorigenesis. A particular focus is placed on the analysis and the interaction of various cell types within the tumor, the tumor microenvironment. New therapeutic concepts are being tested in valid pre-clinical tumor models. In close collaboration with the University Cancer Center (UCT) and the LOEWE Center Frankfurt Cancer Institute (FCI) as well as a member of the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) these concepts are translated into early clinical trials.

Here you can read the press release of the José Carreras Leukämie Foundation.jose-carreras-leukämie-stiftung



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