Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg, Research for Life
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg,
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg,
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg,
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg,

Apply for International PhD Fellowships

ITN INTERCEPT-MDS announces 12 international PhD fellowships to train Europe’s first experts in the emerging field of disease interception.


gsh-itn-intercept-mds-2021Apply Now – 12 positions at the forefront of research into myeloid diseases are open for applications as part of the Innovative Training Network INTERCEPT-MDS – Exploring cell-to-cell heterogeneity and exploiting epigenetic regulation for the interception of myeloid disease cells. The embedding within the INTERCEPT-MDS network’s experts and experienced trainers from two sectors – academia and industry – and two research environments – clinical and basic – offers a unique multidisciplinary and multisectoral training opportunity in the emerging field of disease interception within the health sciences.


Apply Now For International PhD Fellowship!


  • Application deadline 23 February 2021
  • Start date between July and October 2021
  • Duration 36 months
  • Research profile 1st stage researcher aka less than 4 years research experience

The INTERCEPT-MDS PhD fellowship

  • offers an incomparable opportunity to receive an outstanding and tailored training in the innovative emerging field of disease interception
  • offers research stays 1-3 month at other European institutions within the INTERCEPT-MDS project
  • provides the needed interactions to achieve research and training excellence
  • improves your future career perspectives
  • hosted by Georg-Speyer-Haus will be supervised by Dr. Hind Medyouf  Apply Now for international PhD fellowship at GSH!


PhD Project 9 at GSH

gsh-h.medyoufExploiting 3D organotypic niche models to dissect the cellular crosstalk between niche and haematopoietic stem cell/progenitors (HSPCs) in myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). The PhD candidate at our GSH Dr. Hind Medyouf´s research lab will use fully humanized 3D organotypic bone marrow niche models as a complementary approach to patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models to explore niche dependencies in MDS and perform screens that aim to identify druggable modules that promote the fitness and progressive clonal dominance of malignant clones.
The envisioned secondments will be 3 months at Leiden GenomeScan B.V. (The Netherlands) and 2 months at University of Bergen (Norway). Get in touch with supervisor Dr. Hind Medyouf by email or phone +4969-63395-540.


Apply Now for P9 | Supervisor Dr. H. Medyouf


Scientific Project

Disease interception is a novel concept referring to the treatment of a disease before it fully develops by removing altered cells. To make disease cell interception a reality, researchers need to overcome two key challenges: First, to identify a few altered disease cells among many healthy ones. Second, the development of strategies that allow the specific targeting of malignant cells without affecting healthy cells. INTERCEPT-MDS will approach these challenges using myeloid diseases as a suitable paradigm for clonally evolving diseases and several innovative research tools, aiming at improving the diagnostics and treatment of haematological malignancies and other cancers. The highly complementary composition of the INTERCEPT-MDS network will provide all the key expertise and infrastructure to support the scientific excellence of our PhD candidates, and the transfer of knowledge is guaranteed through shared training.




All INTERCEPT-MDS Institutions

  • Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (Metropolitan Area Barcelona, Spain)
  • Erasmus Medical Center, (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Klinikum rechts der Isar der TU München (Munich, Germany)
  • Institut national de la sante et de la recherche medicale (Paris, France)
  • Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien (Vienna, Austria)
  • Università degli Studi di Firenze (Florence, Italy)
  • Institute for Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapy Georg-Speyer-Haus (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • MLL Munich Leukemia Laboratory (Munich, Germany)
  • University of Bergen (Bergen, Norway)
  • BioBam Bioinformatics (Valencia, Spain)

Click here for detailed information about the 12 ITN INTERCEPT-MDS PhD fellowships from the above mentioned PhD institutions.

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The INTERCEPT-MDS application portal, with the application guidelines, full details of the PhD fellowships, projects and eligibility requirements can be found here. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 953407. If you have inquiries please contact the INTERCEPT-MDS Team by email. gsh-eu-commission-21gsh-itn-intercept-mds-phd-fellowship-2021

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