Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg, Tel: +40-171-5449247,,
Georg-Speyer-Haus. Foto: Andreas Reeg,

09.07.24 Guided Tour through the historical rooms in the Georg-Speyer-Haus: Paul Ehrlich Memorial Room and Historical Laboratory (in English Language)(booked out)

Tuesday, July 09th, 2024. 2:30 p.m. (– 3:30 p.m.), meeting point at the gate.

Please note: This tour is already booked out. Next opportunity will be in september 2024. Due to the ongoing research activities in the Georg-Speyer-Haus, a visit to the historical rooms is only possible as part of a guided tour with a limited number of people. Participation is therefore only possible after prior registration. Further information and suggested dates are available from

Guided by Dr. Klaus Cussler, Georg-Speyer-Haus

Two rooms protected as sites of historical interest in today’s Georg-Speyer-Haus at Paul-Ehrlich-Strasse 42-44 are on display

• The Historical Laboratory (Salvarsan Laboratory), a chemical laboratory from 1906 that has largely retained its original furnishings. Here, the work on the development and testing of the Salvarsan preparations was carried out by Paul Ehrlich and his co-workers. The preparation “606” (“Salvarsan”) was the world’s first effective chemotherapeutic agent, which was used to cure syphilis.
• Paul Ehrlich’s memorial room, built in 1924 to commemorate the physician and Nobel Laureate.