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Dr. Hind Medyouf Joins the AcademiaNet-Expert Database for Outstanding Female Academics

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The Georg-Speyer-Haus is delighted to announce that Dr. Hind Medyouf has been invited, upon nomination by the European Research Council, to join the AcademiaNet experts network, which highlights the outstanding academic achievement of female scientists.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung, in cooperation with Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Nature Publishing Group), has set up this exclusive expert database in 2010, to promote the visibility of excellent women academics from every discipline. This innovative initiative was launched by German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel to serve as a platform where outstanding female scientists are being presented and introduced, making them visible to a wider public.

Since 2012, the AcademiaNet has become an international resource including profiles of many outstanding women academics from Germany and beyond and is now established as a European database for those searching for suitable female candidates for influential academic and scientific positions. To date, more than 1,900 profiles of female top-class researchers of all disciplines are in the database.

For more information about the AcademiNet project please follow the link below:

Link to Dr. Medyouf’s profile on AcademiaNet.: