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Colorectal cancer: Local mediator sets colon cells onto wrong track

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As one of the most important biomarkers in colorectal cancer, Wnt has been identified as a potentially target for new colorectal cancer therapies.

gsh-dr-h-farinThe signal molecules of the Wnt family are essential messengers for the continuous renewal of our highly stressed intestinal mucosa. However, too much Wnt is a frequent trigger for colorectal cancer. Wnt is therefore considered an important biomarker and therapeutic target. The cellular response triggered by Wnt can indicate whether disease progression is positive or negative in colorectal cancer patients.

„We see here two completely different molecular responses in healthy and tumor cells. That is, it is not the increased Wnt signal itself which is significant for diagnosis and prognosis. You have to look at the downstream genetic activity patterns”, Farin said.

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